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Maple Pancakes Amber Jar

Pancakes at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at all times. On the verge of sickly sweetness with this enticing scent. Don't go for it on unless you want the smell in your room to last for days after you blow it off. Sorry! Things got out of hand with this one...

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𐤟 tamaño 7oz (recámaras y baños)
𐤟 libre de toxinas
𐤟 fragancia aprobadas por la IFRA
𐤟 notas: jarabe de arce, canela, almizcle, ámbar, madera de agar
𐤟 triple intensidad
𐤟 confeccionada a mano
𐤟 cera mineral premium, refinada e importada
𐤟 mecha libre de plomo